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  • Priscilla Obermeier started the conversation

    Dear Sir/Madam, 

    Please could you kindly inform me which Homepage Layout is used for the 'FAMILY' theme preview: http://www.flatlayers.com/themes/caress/family/

    I would like to have the top photo scroll with Title and Continue reading button at the top of my homepage too. But somehow I can't seem to find the right page layout. 

    I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Kind Regards, Priscilla Obermeier 

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    Hesham replied

    Hi Priscilla,

    The page template is Bricks Posts & Sidebar.

    To add post to home slider just make this post sticky and repeat this for any post you need to display in home slider.

    Anyway, theme comes with extensive documentation will help you to know all tips required to create blog like demo.

    Download full ZIP theme package > Extract it to normal folder > Documentation > index.html open in your browser and read it carefully.



  • Priscilla Obermeier replied

    Dear Hesham, 

    Thank you for your kind reply. 

    When I use this template I do not get the Photo Slider similar to the FAMILY template. 

    • Photo/Post slider at the top, with post title, date, category and continue reading button ON the photos of the slider. With the Bricks Posts & Sidebar, all this information is positioned next to the top slider. 

    How can I recreate this and make it identical to the FAMILY top photo slider? http://www.flatlayers.com/themes/caress/family/

    I'm looking forward to hearing from you. 

    Kind Regards, 

    Priscilla Obermeier 

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    Hesham replied

    Dear Priscilla ,

    That's called Sticky posts slider. Please read Posts section in documentation to know how to make post sticky.

    It's are working on all page templates and it doesn't display because your blog doesn't have any sticky posts.

    And to change Sticky posts slider style. Go to Appearance > Customize > Settings: Header

    and change "Sticky Slider" option.

    Read this articles if documentation not clear for you.


    Best regards,